Strike Force 2018

Strike Force

What is Strike Force?

STRIKE FORCE is a first-of-its kind program created in partnership between Operation Hawkeye, PLEDGE IT, American Baseball Coaches Association, and Special Operations Warrior Foundation (SOWF) through which teams at three levels of competition can honor the sacrifice of America’s heroes and support the special operations community playing baseball in 2018


Who Participates?

STRIKE FORCE participation is open to high school varsity, college varsity and club, and travel baseball teams across the U.S.A.

Team Registration Through


Who Benefits?

Donations and pledges benefit the Special Operations Warrior Foundation (SOWF), founded in 1980 to serve the military’s special operations forces and their families. A tax-exempt 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization, SOWF is dedicated to ensuring no-cost college scholarship grants and educational counseling to the children surviving special operations personnel who lose their life in the line of duty. Additionally, SOWF provides funds to the families of severely wounded and hospitalized special operations personnel to meet their immediate financial needs.

How Does it Work?

  • Teams participate in STRIKE FORCE by committing to honor the service and sacrifice of the special operations community during designated games or events from February 1st through Veterans Day. If they wish, teams may also leverage runs to raise funds for SOWF, a top-rated nonprofit that supports family members of fallen special operations warriors from every branch of America’s Armed Forces through college scholarships, family services, and other assistance.

  • Participants receive special operations perspectives on keys to success on and off the baseball diamond

  • PLEDGE IT resources make team participation efficient, effortless, and impactful

  • Interested individuals, enterprises, and tournament hosts and organizers can also advance the cause as STRIKE FORCE Multipliers and GEAR Partners

  • STRIKE FORCE members receive recognition, and some teams may be eligible to earn prizes and other rewards based upon the nature and level of program participation
Accept Mission Commit to honor the service and sacrifice of the special operations community
Leverage Diamond Skill Teams may also leverage diamond skills during designated game(s) or event(s) from February 1st through Veterans Day to support SOWF using STRIKE FORCE resources on PLEDGE IT
  1. Select game(s) or event
  2. Set your team runs goal
  3. Set your team fundraising goal
  4. Launch your STRIKE FORCE team campaign page in advance of your game(s) or event
  5. Reach out to fans, friends, sponsors, and others to support your efforts with a pledge or flat one-time donation through your team campaign page
  6. Enter runs scored upon completion of your game(s) or event, after which your team campaign page will process pledge payments automatically
Time Frame Register any time by informing STRIKE FORCE leader Will Thomas via email and complete fundraising by Veterans Day 2018
Special Operations Insights Access to WARRIOR PROFILES of fallen heroes from your state upon request

Access to CLUTCH PERFORMANCE BRIEFINGS by special operators on keys to success on and off the baseball diamond
Rewards Banner upon request

Prizes possible in connection with selected showcases, tournaments, and events
Recognition All participating teams will be featured on the Operation Hawkeye STRIKE FORCE storymap powered by Esri

Who is Helping and How Can You Help?

Individuals and enterprises can also support the special operations community through the program as STRIKE FORCE Multipliers. If you are interested in becoming a STRIKE FORCE Multiplier, please contact Will Thomas via email.

A capability that, when added to and employed by a combat force, significantly increases the combat potential of that force and thus enhances the probability of successful mission accomplishment.

Individuals and enterprises featured below participate in the STRIKE FORCE as Multipliers in a variety of ways, e.g., donations of item/s or service/s for prize packages, matching monetary donations linked to overall program metrics (e.g., runs scored or pledges) or other criteria (e.g., purchases of a Multiplier’s product(s) or service(s)), meaningful promotional consideration, assistance with preparation of STRIKE FORCE resources and assets, and/or hosting STRIKE FORCE events (e.g., showcase, tournaments, etc.)