There is a role for everyone on the OHe mission team, including the general public, athletes and coaches, competitive shooters, organization and business leaders, and media members and writers. You may participate in one or more of the areas indicated below, or in others you might propose provided they are authorized by the mission team leader, Will Thomas, via email, at

Non-Financial Operations Support
  • "Like" OHe FB Page, Post Often, Rally Others –>
  • Recruit Others and Make Introductions
  • Share OHe Story with Media Contacts
  • Ask Your Organization(s) to Support the Mission and, If Appropriate, Utilize OHe Materials in Clinics, Camps and Other Settings
  • Use OHe Mail to Convey Condolences and Goodwill Messages
  • Honor Fallen by Visiting OHe Memorial
Financial Operations Support
  • Donate to OHe
  • Donate or Pledge in Connection with a RISE AND FIRE Challenge
  • Auction Item Donation or Purchase
  • OHe Gear Purchase
  • Encourage Others to Donate
  • In-Kind Donation
  • Promotion/Event to Raise Funds and/or Create Social Media Benefits
  • Encourage Your Organization to Consider a Matching Donation